Free Download Ural 375 Firetruck Mod for GTA San Andreas

Ural 375 Firetruck:

Free Download Ural 375 Firetruck Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

The Ural-375 could be a general purpose four.5-ton The 6×6 truck made at the Ural Automotive Plant within the Russian SFSR since 1961. The Ural 375 replaced the ZIL-157 because of the normal Soviet Army truck in 1979. it had been itself replaced by the Ural-4320.

In the season of 1941, Soviet leaders set to make a plant for the manufacture of military trucks named when Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili: ZIS in Miass, city Oblast within the Ural Mountains.

Since the Gregorian calendar month 1942, the manufactory has made chiefly engines and gearboxes. On July 8, 1944, the primary truck ZIS-5V was designed underneath the complete UralZIS. The new manufactory became the Ural branch of ZIS UralZIS and was named when communist. At the tip of the war the ZIS-5 was thought of straightforward and strong, and so remained in production for several years. it isn't till 1947 that the manufactory began to manufacture newer models.

In 1946, the assembly version of the gas-21A UralZIS two.5t began to be fictional. The truck was made underneath the complete UralZIS-352. In 1949 the fifth version of UralZIS was equipped with hydraulic brakes.

A new model, the UralZIS-355, was discharged in 1956. However, in 1958 the recreate of the ZIS-5 was created out there for deliveries to Kazakh and remained in production till Oct sixteen, 1963 as associate AMO-3 bypass decree.

The scientific institute of automotive standardization of Russian capital had been performing on a replacement SUV. Production of this sort of truck had been assigned to the Ural manufactory – UralAZ – UN agency got the fresh Ural. The manufactory had been remodeled since 1961 and production of the Ural-375 (6x6) five t for the military was intense. For this truck, a replacement engine was developed.

The Sixties were an amount of nice success for the complete UralAZ that won, for its quality merchandise in giant quantities, the Order of the Red Banner of Labour. UralAZ celebrated the full production of 530,000 trucks and one.3 mln engines. In 1972 and 1975 the 2 vehicles appeared Ural-375H-377H and also the Ural. The manufacture of 6x4 versions continued till 1983.

In 1977, a replacement 5-tonne truck Ural-4320 was created. KamAZ gas engine replaced the Ural-375-740 V8 diesel KamAZ (10852 cm3, 210HP). In 1981, supported a 4320 model truck eight t the Ural-5920 was given with a Caterpillar engine.

Collaboration between UralAZ and IVECO began in 1992. In could, the primary results of joint activity were represented: the Iveco UralAZ thirty three0-30ANW (6x6) with a gross weight of 33.5 ton. it's a diesel cool 306 power unit V8 engine Deutz. The vehicle was designed for the arctic climate that would reach up to -55 °C. The contribution of the Russian partner has been restricted. The new vehicle replaces the Magirus-Deutz-2900-26K, developed within the 70s underneath the complete IVECO-Magirus and whose production was stopped in Europe a few years agone. This became the idea of the assembly varies of the new venture.

Iveco-UralAZ shaped in late 1994 with a production capability of 3600 vehicles p.a. All production options badge IVECO-UralAZ on the front grille. However, within the technical press Russian vehicles square measure oft known as Ural-Iveco. the primary truck is that the cab-IVECO-UralAZ 5531, closely derived from the Iveco 330. Its composition permits for a road train of sixty t, also because of the tractor-trailer and truck 55311 6x4 or 6x6.

In 1997, a replacement cab appeared known as the 6329, it had many normal sizes EuroTrakker. It replaced the previous cab decree VI. The cabin is any forward on the chassis. The short version of the automotive is employed on trucks and trailer truck for native transport. The 63291 has the most tractor cabin with 2 berths. The PTR of the complete road is fifty-six t with the most speed of 103 km/h. Annual production was multiplied to 9000. IVECO EuroTech isn't any longer factory-made in Western Europe.

DOWNLOAD Ural 375 Firetruck FOR GTA San Andreas

DOWNLOAD Ural 375 Firetruck FOR GTA San Andreas

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