Free Download 2002 Cadillac Northstar LMP02 Mod for GTA San Andreas

2002 Cadillac Northstar LMP02:

Free Download 2002 Cadillac Northstar LMP02 Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

The Cadillac Northstar LMP was a series of autoimmune disorder Mans Prototypes engineered by Cadillac to be used within the Yankee autoimmune disorder Mans Series in addition as an endeavor to come to Cadillac to the Twenty-four Hours of autoimmune disorder Mans since they initially entered in 1950. The Northstar LMPs were named once the Northstar V8 engines that steam-powered them. The Cadillac project ran from 2000 till 2002 once General Motors determined to cancel the project to concentrate exclusively on their Chevrolet war vessel program.

For Cadillac's debut in 2000, gram determined to use the employment of 2 groups in 2 totally different championships in an endeavor to maximize their preparation for autoimmune disorder Mans. poet & Scott would run the mill team within the Yankee autoimmune disorder Mans Series underneath the name Team Cadillac, whereas Team DAMS of France would run a client team within the European Sports athletics tourney.

For the twenty-four Hours of Daytona, the primary race of the year, Team Cadillac would debut their 2 cars. aboard their Chevrolet war vessel teammates, the Northstar LMPs performed well early, taking second and third in qualifying. throughout the race, the cars ran on pace, though once issues they found themselves nearly a hundred laps behind the leading grand tourer cars. though one automotive suffered a casing within the closing moments of the race, each car was classified as finishers, taking thirteenth and fourteenth places. This was followed by the Twelve Hours of Sebring, that saw each Team Cadillac and Team DAMS would be entered, with Cadillac running 2 cars and DAMS one. The groups suffered some difficulties, with the DAMS entry breaking a clutch associate degreed one among the Team Cadillac entries being concerned in an accident. However, the third Northstar LMP was ready to end the race associate degreed take an encouraging sixth place, though it had been twenty-nine laps behind the winning Audi R8.

Returning to Europe, DAMS debuted their initial two-car effort at the initial race of the Sports athletics tourney. There, the team managed to require home seventh and eighth places, a mere 3 laps behind the winning Ferrari 333 SP. DAMS would persist to require a fourth-place end at ensuing spherical, though the opposite team automotive did not end. At this point, the Yankee autoimmune disorder Mans Series was having their initial races in Europe. DAMS entered their two-car effort in situ of Team Cadillac, managing to require fifth at Silverstone Circuit. DAMS would build an added Sports athletics tourney look in could before planning to autoimmune disorder Mans, wherever each car failed to end.

Team Cadillac on the opposite hand, basic cognitive process that non-public testing would be higher for the Northstar LMP, wouldn't come to the Yankee autoimmune disorder Mans Series before flying to France for the Twenty-four Hours of autoimmune disorder Mans. The cars lacked the pace necessary to vie with the key makers in their category. though a DAMS entry managed to qualify ninth, the sister automotive may muster solely the twentieth quickest lap time. The pace was equally off within the race, and mechanical woes saw solely 3 Northstar LMPs end, a dissatisfactory nineteenth, 21st, and 22nd

Following autoimmune disorder Mans, DAMS participated within the second almsgiving event in Europe, once more taking fifth place, this point at the N├╝rburgring. Returning to America, Team Cadillac finally came back to action with one automotive at Portland International Raceway, managing eighth place. Petit autoimmune disorder Mans would see DAMS come to us in addition, with the four-car Cadillac effort seeing higher results. All cars managed to complete, with the results of sixth, 7th, 8th, and 13th. Team Cadillac would record one final end for the year at lake Seca with a seventh-place end before the time retired for the season, skipping the metropolis spherical. DAMS created Cadillac's final look of the year at the Adelaide Street Circuit in Australia. DAMS would end an overseas nineteenth and twentieth places.

At the tip of the season, because of Team Cadillac's personal testing, DAMS truly finished higher within the Yankee autoimmune disorder Mans Series championship, taking seventh place over Cadillac's eighth. additionally to the current, DAMS points within the Sports athletics tourney would earn them eighth in this championship.

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