Free Download AH-64D Longbow Apache Netherlands Mod for GTA San Andreas

AH-64D Longbow Apache Netherlands

Free Download AH-64D Longbow Apache Netherlands  Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download AH-64D Longbow Apache Netherlands  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

The Boeing AH-64 Apache is associate Yankee twin-turboshaft attack whirlybird with a tailwheel-type undercarriage arrangement and a bicycle-built-for-two cockpit for a crew of 2. It options a nose-mounted detector suite for target acquisition and sight systems. it's armed with a thirty metric linear unit (1.18 in) M230 chain gun carried between the most undercarriage, below the aircraft's forward body, and 4 hardpoints mounted on stub-wing pylons for carrying armament and stores, generally a combination of AGM-114 Hell missiles and Hydra seventy rocket pods. The AH-64 incorporates a great amount of systems redundancy to enhance combat survivability.

The Apache originally started because the Model seventy-seven developed by Hughes whirlybirds for us Army's Advanced Attack Helicopter program to switch the AH-1 elapid snake. The model YAH-64 was 1st flown on thirty Sept 1975. The U.S. Army designated the YAH-64 over the Bell YAH-63 in 1976 and later approved full production in 1982. when getting Hughes Helicopters in 1984, McDonnell pol continued  AH-64 production and development. The whirlybird was introduced to U.S. Army service in Gregorian calendar month 1986. the primary production AH-64D Apache bow, associate upgraded Apache variant, was delivered to the military in March 1997. Production has been continued by Boeing Defense, area & Security, with over two,000 AH-64s being made by 2013.

The U.S. Army is that the primary operator of the AH-64; it's additionally become the first attack whirlybird of multiple nations, together with Balkan nation, Japan, Israel, European country, Singapore, and therefore the United Arab Emirates; similarly as being made below license within the UK because of the AgustaWestland Apache. yankee AH-64s have served in conflicts in Panama, the Persian Gulf, Kosovo, Islamic State of Afghanistan, and Iraq. Israel used the Apache in its military conflicts in the Asian country and therefore the geographical area Strip; British and Dutch Apaches have seen deployments in wars in the Islamic State of Afghanistan and Asian country.

Free Download AH-64D Longbow Apache Netherlands  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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