Free Download Dacia 1310 CN3 - Christmas Edition Mod for GTA San Andreas

Dacia 1310 CN3 - Christmas Edition

Free Download Dacia 1310 CN3 - Christmas Edition Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

 Free Download Dacia Logan Taxi Univip Mod for GTA San Andreas

The Renault twelve may be a massive family automotive introduced by French maker Renault at the Paris Motor Show in October 1969 and created in France until 1980. offered as a saloon (Berline) and estate (Break), it had been conjointly created below license in several countries around the globe into the first twenty-first century.

In its initial few years, the twelve received praise from the ECU press for its spacious, comfy interior, it's styling, its performance, and its low fuel consumption. but it fared worse within the North Yankee press: in an exceedingly take a look at of the 1974 model, Road & Track was vital of the engine's "obtrusive" noise, and known as the significant, non-power steering "a serious style flaw". They conjointly gave it "very poor marks" for the ventilating system.

Renault twelve production and sales resulted in western Europe in 1980, however, the model continues to be created and oversubscribed by Renault affiliates elsewhere. The last R12 was created in 2000 in Turkey, whereas Romanian maker Dacia continuing manufacturing the R12-based 1310 saloon and estate till 2004 and therefore the R12-based Dacia Pick-Up till Dec 2006.

 Free Download Dacia Logan Taxi Univip Mod for GTA San Andreas


It would are a straightforward refer install the light-weight engine from the Renault sixteen within the Renault twelve, and this was later in dire straits some high-end versions. However, Renault had with success designed market share since 1945 by competitive sharply on worth. within the closely contested  1300cc class it had been left to the new Peugeot 304 to draw in customers willing to pay a premium worth, whereas for the Renault twelve, at launch, the atomic number 13 block of the Renault sixteen was rejected on price grounds. Instead, Renault mere associate enlarged version of the iron Cléon unit, used since 1962 within the Renault 8/10. The engine's size was exaggerated to twelve89 cc to be used within the 12. Listed power output was sixty H.P. (45 kW; sixty H.P.) SAE (54 hp (40 kW; fifty-four hp) DIN) that provided for a good high speed of a hundred forty-five km/h (90 mph).

The restructure of the five-bearing engine ab initio fitted on the Renault twelve maintained the removable cylinder liners that Renault had long favored. It rejected the "oversquare" cylinder dimensions that had become trendy with some European auto-makers throughout the Nineteen Sixties. several parts, like the pump and therefore the distributor, were unchanged, whereas others, as well as the plate, the valve gear and therefore the cylinder block itself, were solely minimally updated. the sole utterly reworked components were the cylinder liners, the connecting rods, the pistons themselves and therefore the rotating shaft. within the 1962 version of the engine the cylinders had been erratically spaced in 2 teams of 2, however during this new application, they were equal so as to permit for the cylinder diameter, here exaggerated to 73mm, to be combined with the ouse for the adequate agent to flow into round the cylinders.

The longitudinal placement of the engine, most of its mass positioned prior the front wheels, allowed the R12 to own an awfully straightforward style of the gear-selector that was placed on the ground of the automotive, and not on the dashboard like the R4 or on the steering column like the R16. On the first cars, the handle to work the handbrake was placed beneath the dashboard. The handbrake was later resettled to a footing between the 2 front seats

 Free Download Dacia Logan Taxi Univip Mod for GTA San Andreas

 Free Download Dacia Logan Taxi Univip Mod for GTA San Andreas

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