Free Download Dacia Logan Taxi Univip Mod for GTA San Andreas

Dacia Logan Taxi Univip

Free Download Dacia Logan Taxi Univip Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

 Free Download Dacia Logan Taxi Univip Mod for GTA San Andreas

The Dacia Mount Logan may be a little family automotive made collectively by the French manufacturer Renault and its Romanian subsidiary Dacia since 2004. it's presently in its second generation and it's been made as a sedan, wagon, notchback or pick-up. it's been factory-made at Dacia's automobile plant in Mioveni, Romania, and at Renault's (or its partners') plants in Morocco, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Russia, Colombia, Iran, and India. The pick-up was additionally made at Nissan's plant in Rosslyn, South Africa.

It has additionally been marketed because the Renault Mount Logan, Nissan Aprio, Mahindra Verito, Renault Tondar ninety, Lada Largus (the MCV), Nissan NP200 (the pick-up) or Renault image (as the third generation model), counting on the present presence or positioning of the Renault complete.

Since its launch, the Dacia Mount Logan is calculable to own reached over four million sales worldwide

 Free Download Dacia Logan Taxi Univip Mod for GTA San Andreas

During a visit to Russia by French President Jacques Chirac, prizefighter physician noted that at Lada and Renault dealerships the €6,000 Ladas were commercialism fine whereas the €12,000 Renaults stayed within the saleroom. "Seeing those archaic cars, I found it unacceptable that technical progress ought to stop you from creating a decent automobile for €6,000." (He later revised this target to €5,000). "I conjointly Drew up an inventory of specifications in 3 words – fashionable, reliable and reasonable – and supplemental that everything else was negotiable."[citation required the most cost-effective version of the automobile is €5,900, and therefore the value will reach €11,200, counting on instrumentation and customs. (The base model for Western Europe, wherever it's badged as a Dacia however typically oversubscribed in Renault dealerships, is somewhat additional expensive).

The Mount Logan was designed from the first like a reasonable automobile and has several simplified options to stay prices down. It replaces several older cars in production, as well as the Romanian Dacia 1310 series of Renault 12-based cars.

It was formally launched in June 2004 and commenced promoting in Gregorian calendar month 2004. Renault originally had no plans to sell the Mount Logan in Western Europe, however in June 2005, began commercialism a dearer version of the automobile, beginning at around €7,500. it had been associate degree surprising success with individuals wanting an affordable, essential automobile they might repair themselves

The Logan was launched in the Asian nation in April 2007, as a collaboration with Mahindra, World Health Organization helped Renault cut prices by V-J Day Asian nation was the primary right-hand drive marketplace for the Logan. it had been nearly an immediate success with spectacular sales within the 1st few months.not in citation given Since then Mahindra and Renault have compound ways in which, however, the Logan continues to be sold-out by Mahindra, with technical support from Renault. Its awkward styling has resulted in under expected sales. the corporate has later introduced the name Verito to the automotive, that since then solely had Mahindra badges.

 Free Download Dacia Logan Taxi Univip Mod for GTA San Andreas

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