Free Download EA-6B Prowler Mod for GTA San Andreas

EA-6B Prowler

Free Download  EA-6B Prowler  Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download  EA-6B Prowler  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

The biochemist Grumman (formerly Grumman) EA-6B sneak may be a twin-engine, four-seat, mid-wing electronic-warfare craft derived from the A-6 unwelcome person framing. The EA-6A was the initial action version of the A-6 employed by u.  s. United States {marine corps|United States Marines|Marine Corps|US Marine Corps|USMC|naval unit} and therefore u.  s. Navy. Development on the additional advanced EA-6B began in 1966. associate degree EA-6B crew consists of 1 pilot and 3 EW Officers, although it's not uncommon for less than 2 ECMOs to be used on missions. it's capable of carrying and firing anti-radiation missiles (ARMs), like the AGM-88 damage missile.

The sneak has been in commission with the U.S. defense force since 1971. it's allotted varied missions for electronic jamming enemy microwave radar systems, and in gathering radio intelligence on those and alternative enemy defensive measure systems. From the 1998 retirement of u.  s. Air Force EF-111 Raven action craft, the EA-6B was the solely dedicated action plane accessible for missions by the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps, and the U.S. Air Force till the fielding of the Navy's EA-18G Growler in 2009. Following its last preparation in late 2014, the EA-6B was withdrawn from U.S. Navy service in June 2015. The naval unit plans to work the sneak till 2019.

EA-6A was employed by 3 Marine Corps squadrons throughout the war. a complete of twenty-seven EA-6As were made, with fifteen of those being recently factory-made ones. Most of those EA-6As were retired from service within the Nineteen Seventies with a previous couple of getting used by the Navy with 2 electronic attacks "aggressor" squadrons, with all examples finally retired within the Nineties. The EA-6A was basically associate degree interim heavier-than-air craft till the more-advanced EA-6B may well be designed and designed.

The well redesigned and additional advanced EA-6B was developed starting in 1966 as a replacement for EKA-3B Skywarriors for the U.S. Navy. The forward body was elongated to make a rear space for a bigger four-seat cockpit, associate degreed an antenna fairing was side to the tip of its vertical fin. Grumman was awarded a $12.7 million contract to develop associate degree EA-6B example on fourteen November 1966. The sneak initial flew on twenty-five could 1968, and it entered service on craft carriers in July 1971. 3 prototypes EA-6Bs were reborn from A-6As, and 5 EA-6Bs were organic process airplanes. a complete of one hundred seventy EA-6B production craft were factory-made from 1966 through 1991.

The EA-6B sneak is supercharged by 2 Pratt & Whitney J52 turbojet engines, and it's capable of high subsonic speeds. because of its intensive action operations, and therefore the aircraft's age (produced till 1991), the EA-6B may be a high-maintenance craft and has undergone several frequent instrumentality upgrades. though designed as action and command-and-control craft for air strike missions, the EA-6B is additionally capable of assaultive some surface targets on its own, especially, enemy microwave radar sites and guided missile launchers. additionally, the EA-6B is capable of gathering electronic intelligence activity.

The EA-6B sneak has been regularly upgraded over the years. the primary such upgrade was named "expanded capability" (EXCAP) starting in 1973. The ICAP II upgrade provided the EA-6B with the aptitude of firing oscine bird missiles and AGM-88 damage missiles

In 2007, it absolutely was reported that the sneak has been utilized in counter-improvised device operations within the conflict in an Asian country for many years by electronic jamming remote detonation devices like garage door openers or cellular telephones. 2 sneak squadrons were conjointly based mostly in an Asian country, operating with an identical mission. in keeping with Chuck Pfarrer in his book SEAL Target Indian chief, associate degree EA-6B was conjointly accustomed jam Pakistani microwave radar and assist the two MH-60 Indian chieftain concealment helicopters and a pair of Chinook helicopters offensive Osama Bin Laden's compound operational Neptune Spear. The Department of Defense controversial bound aspects of his book, although not specifically the mention of EA-6B involvement.

Free Download  EA-6B Prowler  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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