Free Download F-14A Pukin Dogs Mod for GTA San Andreas

F-14A Pukin Dogs

Free Download F-14A Pukin Dogs Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download F-14A Pukin Dogs Mod for GTA San Andreas.

Strike Fighter Squadron 143 (VFA-143), conjointly referred to as the "Pukin Dogs," could be us Navy strike fighter squadron primarily based at armed service base Oceana, Virginia. The Pukin Dogs square measure associate degree operational fleet squadron and flying the F/A-18E Super vespid wasp. they're presently hooked up to Carrier Air Wing Seven and USS Harry S. Truman. they're presently at their homeport of NAS Oceana. Their radio callsign is barroom.

The squadron adopted its current badge in 1953, a winged black lion on a blue protect. generally mistaken for a legendary griffin, it's a lot of accurately a chimera because the griffin has the pinnacle of associate degree eagle. In heraldic terms, it might be termed a winged lion erect  (one paw raised) coward (tail between its legs). The distinctive squadron name "Pukin' Dogs" happened once the squadron commander's spouse saw the creature’s lax head and agape mouth style. She stated, before of the squadron pilots, that it gave the look of a "pukin' dog." The pilots wanted that, and therefore the name stuck. within the aftermath of the Tailhook scandal in 1991, the squadron was forced to formally rename itself the "Dogs". This official banishment was wide unheeded till Admiral John Mazach, Commander, armed service Air Force U.S. Atlantic Fleet, rescinded the policy during a 1996 speech to the squadron.

The last VF-143 Vietnam preparation commenced in Sept 1972 with Carrier air unit fourteen aboard USS Enterprise. On twenty-seven Gregorian calendar month 1973, the Last Day of official Yankee hostilities, a squadron Phantom was smitten by aortic aneurysm hearth close to Quảng Trị whereas activity one in all the last combat missions of the war. military officer, Cmdr Harley Hall and his measuring system Intercept Officer (RIO) ejected close to the coast and each was seen alive on the bottom by their airplane pilot. Hall's urban center was captured by North Vietnamese and came from captivity some months later. Cmdr Hall became the last armed service flier listed as missing in action (MIA). period of time once the shootdown, however, his standing was modified from MIA to "Prisoner of War (POW), authenticated", a designation command till he was declared deceased in February 1980, his remains were known on half-dozen Sept 1994.

The squadron came to NAS Miramar in June 1973, and 3 months later created a final Phantom preparation to the Mediterranean. In 1974 VF-143 transitioned to the F-14 Felis catus and so modified homeport to NAS Oceana in 1976. VF-143, in conjunction with sister squadron VF-142, were aboard USS Dwight D. full general for her maiden voyage in 1979.

In 1980 VF-143 deployed to the ocean in response to the Iran–Iraq War, setting a Navy afoot record of 153 days. VF-143 before long gained plan of action reconnaissance mission Pod System ( TARPS) capability and provided the primary time imaging of the new Soviet war vessel Novorossiysk and therefore the new Soviet Slava-class cruiser. On August five, 1983, VF-143 intercepted 5 Libyan Air Force MiG-23s some 220 kilometers (140 mi) south of USS Dwight D. full general within the sea. No weapons were discharged throughout these encounters however matters was represented as "very tense". The squadron became the primary to fly combat TARPS missions after they flew forty-five combat intelligence activity sorties over the Asian nation within the time of the year of 1983.

VF-143 was one in all the primary squadrons to deploy with the F-14A(+) (later renamed F-14B), in March 1990 aboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower. once Irak invaded Kuwait in August 1990, USS Dwight D. full general and her army unit hurried to the sea to discourage the Iraqis from any advancement into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In late August, USS Saratoga alleviated USS Dwight D. Eisenhower.

In early 1991, VF-143 was awarded COMNAVAIRLANT's 1990 Battle potency Award because of the Atlantic Fleet's finest fighter squadron. additionally, VF-143 was awarded the Chief of armed service Operations flag officer Joseph C. Clifton Award. In might 1991 throughout the Air Wing's detachment to NAS Fallon, VF-143 born air-to-surface ordnance for the primary time. In Sept, the squadron deployed to the Persian Gulf and took part in NATO exercises within the sea.

Free Download F-14A Pukin Dogs Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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