Free Download F9F Cougar - Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina Mod for GTA San Andreas

F9F Cougar - Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina

Free Download  F9F Cougar - Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download  F9F Cougar - Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina Mod for GTA San Andreas.

The Argentine military service Aviation (Spanish: Comando DE la Aviación military service Argentina, COAN) is that the military service aviation branch of Argentina Navy and one in all its four operational commands. Argentina, at the side of Brazil, is one in all 2 South Yankee countries to own operated 2 craft carriers

A great modification came into impact once the Navy received its initial flattop, ARA Independencia, in 1959. At the time, her craft inventory enclosed the F4U Corsair, SNJ-5Cs Texan and Grumman S2F-1 (S-2A) Trackers. The Navy conjointly had F9F Panther and F9F painter jets however the carrier wasn't appropriate for operational them, though they were launched into the carrier throughout their delivery voyage from the us to Argentina. The painter was the primary jet to interrupt the drag in Argentina. These jets would be concerned within the general mobilization throughout the 1965 border dispute between Argentina and Chile however no combat occurred.

The military service coaching force received T-28 Trojans, T-34 Mentors and Aermacchi MB-326 jets which might be later strengthened with the foremost powerful variant MB-339.

More craft entered service throughout the Nineteen Sixties, together with the C-47 Dakota (which were extensively employed in continent together with the primary national landing on the pole created in 1962 by Captain Greek deity Quijada UN agency departed from Ellsworth Station[5]), Sikorsky S-55 helicopters and shore-based craft P-2 Neptunes for maritime patrol duties.

Free Download  F9F Cougar - Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina Mod for GTA San Andreas.

In 1969 the Navy received her second carrier, ARA twenty-five DE salad dressing, from Holland. On her voyage home, country company Hawker Siddeley incontestable its Harrier GR1, however, the Argentines opted for the A-4Q Skyhawk instead. additional helicopters were incorporated into the new carrier, the Alouette III and also the SH-3 sea robber (the additional advanced S-2E huntsman variant). load planes Fokker F-28 and L-188 Electra changed for maritime patrol were conjointly intercalary.
The Seventies surface fleet modernization arranges enclosed the acquisition of British destroyers with their complement of Westland ocean catamount helicopters however their use would be full of the coming events.

The military service aviation, suffering associate degree arms embargo since 1978 by United States of America President James Earl Carter Jr. for human rights abuses,[n 1] was within the middle of the method of substitution their A-4Q Skyhawks with French-built Dassault-Breguet Super Étendards. though solely 5 craft were delivered by the time of the conflict, the service became renowned worldwide once they used their AM39 Exocet anti-shipping missiles, conjointly purchased from France, to sink the Royal Navy's HMS urban center and also the support ship Atlantic Conveyor. The older A-4Qs conjointly had a job in destroying HMS Ardent.

On the eve of war Argentina carrier ARA Veinticinco DE salad dressing tried to launch a wave of A-4Q Skyhawk jets against the Royal Navy Task Force when her S-2 Trackers detected country fleet. However, what would are the primary battle between craft carriers since war II failed to occur, as poor winds prevented the heavily loaded jets from being launched.[n 2] when country submarine HMS vanquisher sank the cruiser ARA General Belgrano, the carrier came back to port for safety and her Skyhawks began their attacks from land Argentina instead.

Navy's T-34s and MB-339s, at the side of Air Force's Pucarás, were the sole combat craft supported the islands associate degreed an MB-339 was the primary craft to have interaction country landing force throughout the Battle of San Carlos.
During the war, the last 2 SP-2H Neptunes have retired thanks to frame attrition and replaced with 2 chartered  Brazilian EMB 111 Bandeirantes.

Free Download  F9F Cougar - Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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