Free Download Ferrari 360 Modena Off Road Mod for GTA San Andreas

Ferrari 360 Modena Off Road

Free Download Ferrari 360 Modena Off Road  Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download Ferrari 360 Modena Off Road  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

The Ferrari 360 is a mid-engine midsize two-seater sports car produced from late 1999 till 2005. The 360 replaced the Ferrari F355 a was itself replaced by the fairly similar Ferrari F430. For the 360, Ferrari partnered wi Alcoa the produce an entirely new aw-aluminum space-frame chassis that was 40% stiffer than the F355, yet 28% lighter despite a 10% increase in oweraw dimensions. Alang wi the new frame was a new Pininfarina body styling that broke ranks with last decade's sharp angles flip-up headlights, replacing them wi a rounded appearance that harkened the 1960s. The new V8 engine, common the aw versions, was any slightly larger a mair powerful than the F355's at 3.6 liters an 400 bhp (300 kW) o power, but the lighter frame an added stiffness improved performance; the 0 the 60 (0 the 100 km) acceleration performance improved from 4.6 the 4.4 seconds. An engine replacement resulted in the V8 road model that followed, the F430 (internally referred the as the Evoluzione or Evo) which came out in 2004.

Free Download Ferrari 360 Modena Off Road  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

The first model o the 360 the ship was the 360 Modena, named after the town o Modena, the birthplace o Enzo Ferrari. Its six-speed casing is on the market as a manual, or F1 electrohydraulic manual. The car went into production in 1999 AN remained in production till 2005 once it was replaced atomic number 83 the F430. The Modena was followed atomic number 83 the 360-speed demon, Ferrari's 20t road-going convertible. Other than wecht, the Speeder's specifications match those o the Modena awmaist precisely.  It was primarily a lightened version o the Modena, dropping {110|one hundred ten|a hundred ANd ten} kilograms a drastically improving its handling through optimizations assault as uprated atomic number 22 springs (lowering unsprung wecht), stiffer bushes (from 360 Challenge cars) AN uprated rear opposed roll bar (the same anti-roll bar as used on 430 Scuderia). Changes enclosed larger 19" BBS wheels, the use o carbon fiber for the frames o the seats AN mirrors, atomic number 22 springs that were AN aa two hundredth stiffer, AN Carbon fiber-reinforced carbide (C/SiC) ceramic composite brake disks. a range o possibility allowed for more wecht reductions, including replacement the animal skin interior American state material, removal o the power windows AN mirrors, AN deletion o the stereo. Lexan facet windows were offered in Europe anerlie. It was officially introduced in March 2003 at the Geneva International Motor Show AN went intake production shortly thenceforth. The metallic element will be compared the Porsche's GT3 RS model in style approach AN many magazines have placed them head the head in road tests. Jeremy Clarkson compared the two AN selected the metallic element to be his favorite.

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