Free Download GAZ 31105 Taxi Mod for GTA San Andreas

GAZ 31105 Taxi

Free Download GAZ 31105 Taxi Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download GAZ 31105 Taxi Mod for GTA San Andreas

(Russian: Волга) is Associate in Nursing automobile that originated within Russia to switch the honored GAZ Pobeda in 1956. Their role in serving the Soviet patronage created them a recent cultural icon. many generations of the automobile are created.
Despite the continual modernizations, GAZ found it progressively troublesome to stay the aging style competitive in an exceedingly economy. GAZ chief operating officer Bo Andersson determined to discontinue the river aim 2010.


The first Volga model was originally developed as a replacement for the GAZ-M20 Pobeda mid-size automobile that was made from 1946. Despite its fastback style with Ponton body styling, the evolution of postwar automotive style and powertrain meant that in 1951 a short was issued for its ultimate replacement. In 1952 this matured into 2 projects: Zvezda ("Star"), associate degree evolution of Pobeda's fastback contour with broad windows and enormous tailfins, and therefore the Volga with its typical styling, that was a lot of realistically fitted to production within the Fifties.

By the spring of 1954, the Volga prototypes were taking a look at driven. The new automobile introduced a variety of additives and blessings over the Pobeda. additionally, to be larger, it had single broad forward and rear windscreens, a bigger four-cylinder overhead-valve engine, central lubrication system of the most chassis parts, hypoid rear shaft associate degreed an automatic hydromechanical shell. The car's m by Bulgarian monetary unit Yeremeev and although influenced by North yank vehicles of a constant amount, the 1954 Ford inject above all, the project was largely freelance, with associate degree exception for the automated transmission that was derived from the 3-speed Ford-O-Matic. when thorough testing of the automobile, that lasted for an additional 2 years, a go-ahead was finally given by the state, and therefore the 1st pre-production batch left GAZ on ten October 1956.

Although there have been several models and versions of the automobile, its production will even so be split into 3 distinct generations and 2 derivatives. In total 639,478 Volgas were designed from 1956 till 1970.

Free Download GAZ 31105 Taxi Mod for GTA San Andreas

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