Free Download Harley-Davidson Sholvehead Chopper v2 Mod for GTA San Andreas

Harley-Davidson Sholvehead Chopper v2

Free Download Harley-Davidson Sholvehead Chopper v2 Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

The hammerhead shark engine could be a bike engine that was made by Harley-Davidson from 1966 to 1984, designed as a successor to the previous Panhead engine. once the engine was initially made, the hammerhead shark had a shallower combustion chamber, larger valve drop for each intake and exhaust, higher porting, and stronger valves and pistons. This gave the new engine an additional ten HP, besides a distinct look. The engine gained the nickname “Shovelhead” because of the planning of the rocker heads having the looks of associate recent hand shovel that was flipped the wrong way up, giving the looks of a shovel. While the engine did have issues earlier in its timeline, the new and improved motor gave Harley-Davidson a twenty-sixth sales increase

The hammerhead shark engine was created because the previous Panhead engine was changing into obsolete, with several Harley-Davidson house owners hard a lot of power to vie with a lot of trendy motorcycles. Throughout the Shovelhead’s run, the engine had many alternative changes created to that to enhance power, cooling and oil consumption. The engines had solely ten fins for cooling, that caused them to run hot. Another drawback was that oil would pool within the cylinder heads, inflicting it to leak into the valves and burn oil.[3] Another drawback was that oil would pool within the housing instead of being tense, inflicting the engine to overheat and seriously damage performance. Oil outpouring and consumption became such a tangle with the bikes, many homeowners rumored losing the maximum amount as a quart of oil each five hundred miles. The excessive heating within the motors additionally caused serious issues, which often diode to failure. With an absence of oil and excessive heat, the valves were vulnerable to projecting and destroying the highest finish. various Harley technicians even expressed that while not necessary top-end modifications, the motors would typically last solely between five hundred and five,000 miles. With Harley-Davidson making an attempt to mend the engine instead of analysis and develop, they fell way behind the competition of the cheaper and a lot of reliable Japanese bikes taking management over the market.

Another drawback that arose in 1979 was that the motors were fitted with electronic ignition units, that were vulnerable to failure. many homeowners would swap the units for the associate older point-ignition system for reliableness. The larger compression magnitude relation on the newer engines was still a heavy drawback, because of the low fuel quality and hydrocarbon. With several hammerhead shark house owners having to show towards aftermarket elements to stay the bike running properly, Harley-Davidson completed they might begin developing a replacement engine. Towards the tip of the Shovelhead's production, Harley-Davidson created various modifications in a trial to stay the engine usable for production. Belt drive was supplemental to their motorcycles in 1980 to forestall the oil outpouring from the surrounded chain, beside a 5-speed transmission and rubber motor mounts to assist cut back vibration. In 1981, Harley Davidson purchased AMF's share of the corporate back, adding a replacement pump, improved valve guides, and lowering the compression to assist the engines to run on the lower quality fuel within u.  s. The engine was made till 1984, wherever the Evolution engine, that had Al heads and barrels, began to require over on most models. The engine may still be found in bound models like the FLH in 1985 however was shortly replaced by the succeeding Evolution engine.

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