Free Download Honda-ML-125 Mod for GTA San Andreas


Free Download  Honda-ML-125  Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download  Honda-ML-125  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

The Honda CG125 is a commuter motorcycle that was made by Honda of Japan. It was in production from 1976 to 2008 and was originally manufactured in Japan, but the source for the European market was eventually moved to Brazil in 1985 and also Turkey for the W and M models. The CG125 is powered by a 124 cc (7.6 cu in) four-stroke, overhead valve, single-cylinder engine that has changed little over the years.

In Pakistan, it is still in production by Atlas Honda Ltd. The Pakistani version resembles most of the shape of the original CG125. Two other variants, CG 125 Dream and CG125 Deluxe are also available with some improvements, the later one has 5-speed gearbox, front disc brake, and wider rear wheel.

In the UK, the CG125 is popular with learners due to licensing laws which allow a rider to operate a 125 cc motorbike with L plates by completing a Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) course.

Due to its design success, several direct copies of the CG125 have sprung up (mostly from Taiwanese and Korean manufacturers), such as the Sym Wolf Classic, Kymco Pulsar 125, Hongdou CG125, Champ Commuter, Warrior Dispatch.

Free Download  Honda-ML-125  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

In Brazil, due to emission laws from 2009, the engine has been redesigned with an overhead camshaft (bore and stroke also changed from 56.5mm x 49.5mm to 52.4mm x 57.8mm). Due to Euro 3 emission laws, the Honda CG125 has been replaced by the fuel injected CBF125 in the UK and Europe since 2009. Other manufacturers made overhead camshaft versions of CG125 engine with same piston bore and stroke (56.5mm x 49.5mm) to comply with Euro 3 emission laws and they are widely available.

 There have been several components in common between the 2. the 2 models were terribly similar. the most distinction was within the high ends, the CB had associate degree overhead cam. One fault with several Honda OHC engines of that era (generally denoted CB), was that that they had a bent to wear the shaft bearings if oil changes were skipped. The CG engine was developed specifically to deal with this drawback (amongst others) as Honda completed that riders in developing countries performed very little or no preventative maintenance. to form the bike a lot of reliable with marginal coupling, the CG125 uses overhead valves with push rod, a drip-dry foam filter, and a totally cased chain guard.

Free Download  Honda-ML-125  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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