Free Download Lockheed L-1011 Tristar VARIG Mod for GTA San Andreas

Lockheed L-1011 Tristar VARIG

Free Download  Lockheed L-1011 Tristar VARIG  Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download  Lockheed L-1011 Tristar VARIG  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

The Lockheed L-1011 TriStar, normally mentioned because the L-1011 (pronounced "L-ten-eleven") or TriStar, is associate degree Yankee medium-to-long-range, airliner trijet plane by Lockheed Corporation. it had been the third airliner plane to enter industrial operations when the Boeing 747 and therefore the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. The plane encompasses roominess of up to four hundred passengers and a spread of over four,000 maritime miles (7,410 km). Its trijet configuration has 3 Rolls-Royce RB211 engines with one engine below every wing, alongside a 3rd engine center-mounted with associate degree S-duct air water embedded within the tail and therefore the higher body. The craft has associate degree autoland capability, an automatic descent system, and accessible deck galley and lounge facilities.

The L-1011 TriStar was created in 2 body lengths. 1st|the initial} L-1011-1 first flew in Gregorian calendar month 1970 and entered service with Japanese Air Lines in 1972. The shortened, longer vary L-1011-500 initial flew in 1978 and entered service with British Airways a year later. The original-length TriStar was conjointly created because of the high gross weight L-1011-100, up-rated engine L-1011-200, and any upgraded L-1011-250. Post-production conversions for the L-1011-1 with accrued takeoff weights enclosed the L-1011-50 and L-1011-150.

Between 1968 and 1984, Lockheed factory-made a complete of 250 TriStars, assembled at the Lockheed plant placed at the Palmdale Regional aerodrome in southern American state north of la. The aircraft's sales were hampered by 2 years of delays because of organic process and monetary issues at Rolls-Royce plc, the only manufacturer of the TriStar's engines. when production all over, Lockheed withdrew from the industrial craft business because of its below-target sales

In the Nineteen Sixties, Yankee Airlines approached Lockheed associate degreed competition Douglas (later McDonnell Douglas) with the necessity for a plane smaller than the 747 capable of carrying an outsized traveler load to distant locales like London and geographical region from company hubs at Dallas-Ft price and the big apple. Lockheed had not created civilian airliners since 1961 with the L-188 Electra. within the Fifties, the Electra was designed for turboprop propulsion, that Lockheed had with success used on the C-130 Hercules military transport. Even when the Electra overcame vibration issues that caused a variety of crashes early in its career, the marketplace for massive airliners would shortly shift over to jet airliners like the Boeing 707 and Douglas DC-8. Lockheed won contracts for jet military transports with the C-141 StarLifter and pioneered terribly massive jet transports with the massive C-5 Galaxy with its high-bypass turbojet engines. Boeing lost the military contract, however, its private-venture 747 captured what would become a far larger civilian plane marketplace for airliner airliners.

Having veteran difficulties with a number of their military programs, Lockheed was wanting to get in the civilian market with a smaller airliner jet, and their response was the L-1011 TriStar. Douglas craft answered Yankee Airlines with the DC-10, that had the same 3 engine configuration and dimensions.  McDonnell, UN agency had recently taken Douglas craft, directed DC-10 development on a "very firm budget, and price overruns were unacceptable – even at the expense of safety", and therefore the conservative approach meant reusing Douglas DC-8 technology. in contrast, Lockheed would "take the foremost advanced technology of the day and once that technology was lacking, Lockheed created it" for the L-1011 so as to allow it lower noise emissions (in the first Nineteen Seventies, Japanese Air Lines nicknamed the L-1011 "WhisperLiner"), improved dependableness, and better potency over initial generation jet airliners. The TriStar name was elite during a Lockheed worker naming contest for the plane.[citation needed] The advanced technology that went into the TriStar resulted during a high price. it's been aforementioned that "airlines may get a 747 for slightly a lot of, or a DC-10 for an honest deal less"

The L-1011 featured an extremely advanced autopilot system and was the primary widebody to receive government agency certification for Cat-IIIc autolanding, that approved the TriStar for utterly blind landings in zero-visibility weather performed by the aircraft's autopilot. The L-1011 used associate degree steering system to navigate; this enclosed orienting the navigation system by getting into current coordinates of great circle and latitude.

It conjointly had a singular direct elevate management (DLC) system, that allowed for swish approaches once landing, while not having to use important pitch changes whereas on the skyway. DLC helps maintain the craft on the glideslope throughout the final approach by mechanically deploying spoiler panels on the wings. Thus, instead of maintaining the descent by adjusting pitch, DLC helps management the descent whereas maintaining aa lot of consistent pitch angle, exploitation four redundant hydraulic systems. Production conjointly used a singular "autoclave" system for bonding body panels together; this created the L-1011 very proof against corrosion.

Free Download  Lockheed L-1011 Tristar VARIG  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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