Free Download Maserati Tipo 61 Mod for GTA San Andreas

Maserati Tipo 61

Free Download Maserati Tipo 61 Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

 Free Download Maserati Tipo 61 Mod for GTA San Andreas

The Maserati Tipo 61 (commonly referred to as the Maserati Birdcage) is a sports racing car of the early 1960s. The car was produced between 1959 and 1961 by Maserati for racing in sports car events including the 24 Hours of Le Mans endurance classic. It used an intricate tubular space frame chassis, containing about 200 chrome-moly steel tubes welded together, hence the nickname "Birdcage". This method of construction provided a more rigid and, at the same time, lighter chassis than other sports cars of the time. By recessing the windscreen base into the bodywork, Maserati was able to reduce the effect of new Le Mans rules demanding a tall windscreen. The Camoradi team became famous racing the Tipo 61s but, despite being very competitive, the Birdcage was somewhat unreliable and occasionally retired from many races due to problems with the drivetrain.

The Tipo sixty-three through sixty-five cars is delineated as a "historian's nightmare". Maserati was in troublesome money circumstances and Giulio Alfieri was attempting to make a competitive automobile on a coffee budget. He would retrieve numerous engines from the Maserati elements bins. Then, he had them changed and put in within the 10 numerous chassis that were created. The Tipo sixty-three was raced with four-cylinder and twelve-cylinder engines and therefore the chassis was radically redesigned once the primary version proved less competitive than the Tipo sixty-one.

The definitive reference for this advanced and confusing era is that the book: "Maserati Tipo sixty-three, 64, 65: cage to Supercage" written by Willem Oosthoek.

Tipo sixty-three initial used a 4-cylinder engine like the Tipo sixty-one and later a V12 engine from the Formula One 1957 Maserati 250F. Tipo sixty-three cars raced in 1961 with each engine, putting forth at the twenty-four hours of autoimmune disease Mans (12 cylinder version) with Briggs Cunningham's team. And Count Volpi’s Scuderia Serenissima employed Medardo Fantuzzi to change one in all their Tipo sixty-three cars with an extended nose and a fin behind the motive force.

Tipo sixty-four featured constant 3-liter V12 because the Tipo sixty-three with associate degree upgraded frame (many smaller light-weight alloy tubes) - nicknamed "Supercar".

Tipo sixty-five featured a V8 engine of five liters delivering regarding 430 H.P. (321 kW) pushing the automobile at 350 km/h (217 mph). just one automobile was engineered employing a changed Tipo sixty-three chassis.

 Free Download Maserati Tipo 61 Mod for GTA San Andreas

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