Free Download McDonnell Doeuglas MD-80 Delta Airlines Mod for GTA San Andreas

McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Delta Airlines

Free Download  McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Delta Airlines  Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download  McDonnell Doeuglas MD-80 Delta Airlines  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

The McDonnell Stephen Arnold Douglas MD-80 could be a series of twin-engine, short- to medium-range, single-aisle industrial jetliners. it had been extended and updated from the DC-9. This series will seat from one hundred thirty to 172 passengers reckoning on variant and seating configuration.

Douglas craft developed the DC-9 within the Sixties as a short-range companion to their larger DC-8. The DC-9 was associate degree all-new style, exploitation 2 rear fuselage-mounted turbojet engine engines, and a T-tail. The DC-9 encompasses a {narrow-body|narrowbody craft|narrow-body aircraft|airliner} body style with five-abreast seating and holds eighty to one hundred thirty-five passengers reckoning on seating arrangement and aircraft version.

The development of MD-80 series began within the Seventies as an extended, growth version of the DC-9-50, with a better most take-off weight (MTOW) and a better fuel capability. the convenience of newer versions of the Pratt & Whitney JT8D engine with higher bypass ratios drove early studies as well as styles called Series fifty-five, Series fifty (refined Super-Stretch), and Series sixty. the look effort centered on Series fifty-five in August 1977. With the projected entry into service in 1980, the look was marketed because of the "DC-9 Series 80". Swissair launched the Series eighty in Oct 1977 with associate degree order for fifteen and associate degree choice for 5.

It was the second generation of the DC-9, originally referred to as the DC-9-80 and also the DC-9 Super eighty. the look was the second generation of the DC-9 with 2 rear fuselage-mounted turbojet engine engines, small, extremely economical wings, and a T-tail. The craft has distinctive five-abreast seating within the coach category. The craft series was designed for frequent, short-haul flights for one hundred thirty to 172 passengers reckoning on plane version and seating arrangement.

The MD-80 versions have a cockpit, aeronautics and mechanics upgrades in conjunction with the additional powerful, additional economical and quieter JT8D-200 series engines, that area unit a big upgrade over the smaller JT8D-15, -17, -11, and -9 series. The MD-80 series craft even has longer fuselages than their earlier DC-9 counterparts, still, as longer vary. Some customers, like Yankee Airlines, still talk to the planes in fleet documentation as "Super 80". This model remains flown extensively by Yankee Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Comparable airliners to the MD-80 series embrace the Boeing 737-400 and airliner A320.

The first MD-80, DC-9 line variety 909, created its initial flight on Oct nineteen, 1979. check flying, despite 2 craft well broken in accidents, was completed on August twenty-five, 1980, once the primary variant of MD-80, the JT8D-209-powered MD-81 (or DC-9-81), was certified beneath associate degree change to the agency sort certificate for the DC-9. The flight-testing leading up to certification had concerned 3 craft accumulating a complete of one,085 flying hours on 795 flights. the primary delivery, to launch client Swissair came about on Gregorian calendar month thirteen, 1980.[page needed]

As the MD-80 wasn't in the impact a brand new craft, it continues to be operated beneath associate degree change to the first DC-9 agency craft sort certificate (a similar case to the later MD-90 and Boeing 717 aircraft). the sort certificate issued to the craft manufacturer carries the craft model designations precisely because it seems on the manufacturer's application, as well as the utilization of hyphens or decimal points, and will match what's sealed on the aircraft's knowledge or plate. What the manufacturer chooses to decision associate degree craft for promoting or promotional functions is digressive to the soundness authorities. the primary change to the DC-9 sort certificate for the new MD-80 craft was applied as DC-9-81, that approved on August twenty-six, 1980. All MD-80 models have since been approved beneath extra amendments to the DC-9 sort certificate. In 1983, McDonnell Stephen Arnold Douglas determined that the DC-9-80 (Super 80) would be selected the MD-80. rather than simply exploitation the MD- prefix as a promoting image, associate degree application was created to once more amend the sort certificate to incorporate the MD-81, MD-82, and MD-83. this modification was dated March ten, 1986, and also the sort certificate declared that though the MD designator may be utilized in parentheses, it should be in the midst of the official designation, for instance, DC-9-81 (MD-81). All metropolis craft within the MD-80 series thenceforth had MD-81, MD-82, or MD-83 sealed on the crafted plate.

Although not certified till Oct twenty-one, 1987, McDonnell Stephen Arnold Douglas had already applied for models DC-9-87 and DC-9-87F on Saint Valentine's Day, 1985. The third spinoff was equally formally selected DC-9-87 (MD-87), though no nameplates were sealed DC-9-87. For the MD-88, associate degree application for a kind certificate model change was created when the sooner changes, thus there wasn't a DC-9-88, that was certified on Immaculate Conception, 1987. The FAA's online craft register information shows the DC-9-88 and DC-9-80 designations existing however unused.

Free Download  McDonnell Doeuglas MD-80 Delta Airlines  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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