Free Download Tofaş Doğan SLX [Modified] M.O. Yapım Mod for GTA San Andreas

Tofaş Doğan SLX [Modified] M.O. Yapım

Free Download  Tofaş Doğan SLX [Modified] M.O. Yapım  Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download  Tofaş Doğan SLX [Modified] M.O. Yapım  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

The Tofaş Şahin, Doğan, and Kartal square measure Turkish versions of the recent enactment 131 automobiles created within the Türk Otomobil Fabrikası A.Ş. manufacturing plant in Bursa, Turkey. whereas doğan suggests that "Falcon" in Turkish, Kartal suggests that "eagle" and şahin suggests that "hawk". The automobile was designed from 1977 and oversubscribed in Turkey till 2002, with Egyptian assembly coming back to associate finish in 2009 and in African country till 2010.

In Feb 1977 the Turkish Tofaş Murat 131 was 1st introduced, as a close to precise reproduction of the enactment 131. Originally it had been solely accessible with a Solex twin-barrel carbureted one.3 L pushrod gasoline four, manufacturing seventy postscripts (51 kW) (SAE) at five,250 rpm. From 1981 the Şahin ("Falcon") and Kartal names were conjointly in use, with the Kartal ("Eagle") being the auto. From this time a one.6-liter OHV engine was conjointly adscititious to the lineup, manufacturing seventy-five postscripts (55 kW) DIN at five,400 rpm. This, for the most part, replaced the smaller one.3 (now with a claimed sixty-five postscript or forty-eight power unit DIN at five,400 rate with a Weber twin carburetor), that was solely maintained as a lower priced possibility for the additional basic Şahin version. The single, rounded rectangular headlights of the sooner Murat 131s were replaced with double units. proclaimed in Sep 1981 (on sale by October), the new luxurious Doğan model received a five-speed manual transmission. The Doğan conjointly received a completely cloth upholstered interior, a heated car window, and had the front entrance vent windows removed. the baggage compartment was totally carpeted and also the suspension was adjusted to attenuate understeer at high speeds.

In 1988 they received a serious aesthetic revision leading to a style terribly such as the enactment Regata. The "Murat" portion of the name was still utilized in some promoting material, however not appeared on the automobile and step by step nonexistent. The new headlights were massive and sq., with triangular corner lights that wrap around. The grille encompasses a variety of slim vertical crossbars in black plastic, with higher-end models receiving someone colored parts at the highest of the grille. when the facelift, the Doğan, and Şahin sedan models square measure virtually visually identical blackball varied quality trim choices on the marginally additional luxurious Doğan variant. The Kartal, the auto derivation of the look, encompasses a rear body developed regionally, with a better roof than that of the 131 Estate originating with SEAT in a European country.

In August 1994 (for the 1995 model year), the vary received a facelift with a brand new grille (body colored for almost rock bottom specced versions). The grille had a distinguished frame, with the gap containing an unreal "T" and a slim crossbar. The Doğan SLX conjointly received steering system. For one996 the cars were given new SOHC engines from the enactment acetaminophen (an engine that was 1st designed for the enactment 128) in 2 versions: a 1.4 L with seventy eight horsepower (58 kW) at five,500 rate (only for the Şahin), and a 1.6 L with eighty six postscript (63 kW) at five,800 rate that was accessible altogether models. The Şahin did not receive the one.4 in Turkey when a jiffy, rather than being fitted with associate eighty-two postscript (60 kW) version of the one.6.[8] Later the grille received a circular central motif, containing the "T" emblem.

Free Download  Tofaş Doğan SLX [Modified] M.O. Yapım  Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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