Free Download Yamaha XT660r Leve Mod for GTA San Andreas

Yamaha XT660r Leve

Free Download Yamaha XT660r Leve Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC


The Yamaha DT may be a series of motorcycles and mopeds made by the Yamaha Motor Corporation. Models within the DT series feature AN engine displacement of fifty to four hundred cc (3.1 to 24.4 cu in). the primary DT model, the DT-1, was free in 1968 and quickly sold-out through its initial twelve,000 production run.

The DT series was created by Yamaha within the late Nineteen Sixties once u.  s. bike market was down. marketing research by Yamaha indicated that, despite slow bike sales, there was a for the most part untapped marketplace for cross-country motorcycles. At the time, solely a number of specialty European makers like Bultaco and Husqvarna created motorcycles specifically for cross-country use. Instead, many homeowners purchased road motorcycles and changed them for cross-country use, generally by raising the muffler, adding braced handlebars, and fitting a bash plate below the engine. Such modifications were unremarkably referred to as making scramblers. the primary DT model, the DT-1 motorcycle, was free in 1968 and quickly sold-out out.

Yamaha XT660R

The Yamaha XT660 is dual-purpose on/off-road motorcycles discharged by Yamaha Motors as a replacement for the XT600.

It is a development of the initial disturbance series ('X' stands for four strokes, 'T' for TRAIL), a line of motorcycles galvanized by those used on the Paris port Rally. the primary disturbance was discharged in 1976. The XT660R is that the normal Enduro model ('R' stands for racing).

A five-valve version of the 660 cc engine was utilized in a variety of MZ (MuZ) motorcycles, as well as the MZ Skorpion, Baghira and working dog.

After 2015 this bike wasn't oversubscribed in some European countries and the United States.

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