Free Download Airbus A340-600 Updated Mod for GTA San Andreas

Airbus A340-600 *Updated*

Free Download Airbus A340-600 Updated Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download Airbus A340-600 Updated Mod for GTA San Andreas.
The A340 was assembled in the city, France. It seats up to 375 passengers within the customary variants and 440 within the stretched -600 series. counting on the model, it's a variety of vi,700 to 9,000 maritime miles (12,400 to 16,700 km; 7,700 to 10,400 mi). Its distinctive options square measure four high-bypass jet engine engines and 3 legs main undercarriage.

The A340 was factory-made in four body lengths. The initial variant, A340-300, that entered service in 1993, measured sixty-three .69 meters (209.0 ft). The shorter -200 was developed next, and also the A340-600 was a fifteen.96 meters (52.4 ft) stretch of the -200. The -600 was developed aboard the shorter A340-500, which might become the longest-range industrial airplane till the arrival of the Boeing 777-200LR. the extended-range -500 and -600 models. The initial A340-200 and -300 variants share the body and wing of the twin-engine airliner A330 with that it had been at the same time designed. The heavier A340-500 and -600 square measure stretched and have enlarged wings.

In Gregorian calendar month 2011, 379 orders had been placed (not together with personal operators), of that 375 were delivered. the foremost common sort was the A340-300 model, with 218 craft delivered. Lufthansa is the biggest operator of the A340, having a noninheritable fifty-nine craft. The A340 is employed on long-haul, trans-oceanic routes thanks to its immunity from ETOPS restrictions; but, with dependableness and fuel potency in engines up, airlines have step by step phased out the sort in favor of a lot of economical twinjets of comparable capability like the Boeing 777, whereas airliner has positioned the larger variants of the airliner A350 as a successor. airliner declared on ten Nov 2011 that A340 production

Free Download Airbus A340-600 Updated Mod for GTA San Andreas.

When airliner designed the airliner A300 throughout the Nineteen Seventies it visualized a broad family of airliners to vie against Boeing and McDonnell political leader, 2 established United States of America part makers. From the instant of formation, the airliner had begun studies into derivatives of the airliner A300B in support of this long-run goal. before the service introduction of the primary airliner airliners, the airliner had known 9 attainable variations of the A300 referred to as A300B1 to B9. a tenth variation, planned in 1973, later the primary to be created, was selected the A300B10. it had been a smaller craft that will be developed into the long-range airliner A310. airliner then targeted its efforts on the single-aisle market, that resulted within the airliner A320 family, that was the primary digital fly-by-wire industrial craft. the choice to figure on the A320, rather than a four-engine craft projected by the Germans, created divisions inside an airliner. As the reserves or "single aisle" studies (which later became the prosperous airliner A320) underwent development to challenge the prosperous Boeing 737 and political leader DC-9 within the single-aisle, narrow-body aircraft airplane market, airliner turned its focus back to the twin-aisle airplane market.

The A300B11, a by-product of the A310, was designed upon the supply of "ten-ton" engines. it might seat between one hundred eighty and two hundred passengers, and have a variety of vi,000 maritime miles (11,000 km). it had been deemed the replacement for the less-efficient Boeing 707s and political leader DC-8s still in commission. The A300B11 was joined by another style, the A300B9, that was a bigger by-product of the A300. The B9 was developed by airliner from the first Nineteen Seventies at a slow pace till the first Eighties. it had been basically a stretched A300 with the constant wing, including the foremost powerful turbofan at the time. it had been targeted at the growing demand for high-capacity, medium-range, continental trunk routes. The B9 would supply constant vary and payload because the McDonnell political leader DC-10, however, would use between twenty-fifth to thirty-eighth less fuel. The B9 was thus thought of the replacement for the DC-10 and also the Lockheed L-1011 Tristar

Free Download Airbus A340-600 Updated Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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