Free Download Boeing 747SP Mod for GTA San Andreas

Boeing 747SP

Free Download Boeing 747SP Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download Boeing 747SP Mod for GTA San Andreas.
The SP stands for "Special Performance". The 747SP is analogous to the 747-100 apart from the shortened body, larger surface, and simplified edge flaps. the load saved by the shorter body permissible longer vary and augmented speed relative to different 747 configurations at the time.

Known throughout development because the short-body 747SB, the 747SP was designed to fulfill a 1973 joint request from Pan Yankee World Airways and Iran Air, United Nations agency were searching for a high-capacity airplane with spare vary to hide Pan Am's New dynasty–Middle Japanese routes and Iran Air's planned Tehran–New York route. The craft conjointly was meant to supply Boeing with a mid-size wide-body aircraft airplane to vie with existing trijet airliners.

The craft was later nonheritable by panjandrum and government customers. The 747SP set many physics performance records, however, sales didn't meet the expected two hundred units, and forty-five craft were ultimately created

The idea for the 747SP came from a letter of invitation by Pan Am for a 747 variant capable of carrying a full payload non-stop on its longest route between big apple and Iranian capital. Joined with Pan Am's request was {iran|Iran|Islamic Republic of Iran|Persia|Asian country|Asian nation} Air; their joint interest was for a high capability airplane capable of covering Pan Am's New York–Middle Japanese routes and Iran Air's planned New York-Tehran route. (New dynasty to Iranian capital might are the longest non-stop business flight within the world for a brief time till Pan Am started Iranian capital to the big apple in mid-1976.) The craft was launched with Pan Am's 1st order in 1973 and therefore the 1st example delivered in 1976.

Free Download Boeing 747SP Mod for GTA San Andreas.

A shorter spinoff of the 747-100, the SP was developed to focus on 2 market needs. the primary was a requirement to vie with the DC-10 and L-1011 whereas maintaining commonality with the 747, that in its normal kind was overlarge for several routes. till the arrival of the 767, Boeing lacked a mid-sized wide-body aircraft to vie during this phase. The second market demand was associate degree craft appropriate for the ultra-long-range routes rising within the mid-1970s following the joint request. These routes required not solely longer vary however conjointly higher cruising speeds. Boeing couldn't afford to develop associate degree all-new style, instead opting to shorten the 747 and optimize it for speed and very, at the expense of capability.

Originally selected 747SB for "short body", it later was nicknamed "Sutter's balloon" by staff when 747 chief engineer Joe Sutter. Boeing later modified the assembly designation to 747SP for "special performance", reflective the aircraft's bigger vary and better cruising speed. However, a panjandrum order for the Royal Flight of national capital diode Boeing to supply one last SP in 1987. Pan Am was the launch client for the 747SP, taking the primary delivery, Clipper Freedom, on March 5, 1976.

The 747SP was the longest-range airplane offered till the 747-400 entered service in 1989. Despite its technical achievements, the SP ne'er oversubscribed additionally as Boeing hoped. augmented fuel costs within the mid-1970s to early Nineteen Eighties, the SP's significant wings, high-ticket price, reduced capability, and therefore the augmented ranges of forthcoming airliners were a number of the numerous factors that contributed to its low sales. solely forty-five were engineered and of these remaining, most area unit employed by operators within the geographic region. However, a number of the engineering work on the 747SP was reused with the event of the 747-300 and 747-400. within the 747SP, the deck begins over the section of the body that contains the wing box, not previous the wing box (as is that the case with the 747-100 and 747-200). This same style was employed in the 747-300 and newer, leading to a stretched deck.

A special 747SP is that the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared uranology (SOFIA) astronomical observatory, that had its frame changed to hold a pair of.5-meter-diameter optical telescope to high altitude, above 99.9% of the light-absorbing vapor within the atmosphere. The telescope and its detectors cowl a good wavelength vary from the close to infrared to the sub-millimeter region; no window material is clear over this whole vary, therefore the observations area unit created through a thirteen linear unit (3.96 m) sq. the hole within the port higher quarter of the rear body, aft of a brand new pressure divider. A door covers the aperture once the telescope isn't in use. Astronomers take information and management the instrument from among the usually pressurized cabin. Originally delivered to Pan Am and titled "Clipper Lindbergh", National Aeronautics and Space Administration has the name displayed in script on the port aspect of the craft.

Free Download Boeing 747SP Mod for GTA San Andreas.

Free Download Boeing 747SP Mod for GTA San Andreas.

Free Download Boeing 747SP Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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