Free Download Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400 Mod for GTA San Andreas

Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400

Free Download Boeing VC-25A *Improvements* Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download Boeing VC-25A *Improvements* Mod for GTA San Andreas.
By 1985, the combination of Boeing 707-based VC-137s used because the Presidential craft had been in commission for twenty-three and thirteen years severally, and therefore the United States Air Force began looking for Associate in Nursing ultimate replacement. The Request for Proposal issued explicit that the craft to be chosen ought to have a minimum of 3 engines Associate in Nursing an unrefueled vary of a minimum of six,000 miles (9,700 km). each Boeing with it's 747 and McDonnell political leader with the DC-10 was in competition to be chosen, with the Boeing entry the ultimate winner. The fabrication of the present 747s began throughout the presidency of Ronald Reagan (1981–1989). President Reagan ordered 2 identical Boeing 747-200Bs to exchange the Boeing 707s that he used for transport.

The VC-25 is capable of flying seven,800 miles (12,600 km)—roughly tierce space around the world—without supply. The VC-25A will accommodate over seventy passengers. every VC-25A price roughly $325 million. whereas the VC-25 has 2 main decks and a cargo deck, sort of a regular Boeing 747, its 4,000 sq. feet (370 m²) of floor area has been reconfigured for presidential duties. Its lowest level is generally wares area, carrying bags and therefore the aboard food offer.

Free Download Boeing VC-25A *Improvements* Mod for GTA San Andreas.

The main traveler space is on the second floor or deck. There are 3 entrances on board, 2 on the most and one on the deck. generally the president boards and disembarks from the front, deck entrance via Associate in Nursing airstair, whereas journalists and different passengers enter at the rear door of the most deck. Facilities for the press and different passengers are designed like a normal airliner's fantabulous cabin

The front section of the craft is informally known as the "White House", a regard to the president's official residence in Washington DC. The president's govt suite includes sleeping quarters with 2 couches which will be regenerate into beds, toilet and shower, vanity, double sink, and a non-public workplace, or the president's "Oval workplace aboard Air Force One". If necessary, the president will address the state from the workplace. This capability was supplemental once the Sept. 11 attacks, throughout that the craft had to land at Barksdale Air Force Base for President George W. Bush to handle the state. These offices, as well as the president's suite, are principally settled on the starboard (right) aspect, and an extended passageway runs on the port (left) aspect. there's a district on the passageway for 2 US Secret Service agents.[citation needed] The craft conjointly contains a room, originally designed as a state of affairs space, however currently used for meeting with employees whereas traveling. This space includes a 50-inch plasma screen tv which may be used for the teleconference. The craft has totally equipped workplace areas with telecommunication systems (including eighty-seven telephones and nineteen televisions)

On board, the VC-25 may be a medical annex, which incorporates a fold-out table, emergency medical provides, and a well-stocked pharmacy. George W. Bush had a treadmill supplemental to Air Force One throughout his term in the workplace. each flight is staffed by a doctor and nurse. The craft is self-sufficing, like carrying all the food it'll like. Meals ar ready in 2 galleys, that along ar equipped to feed up to one hundred folks at a time. The President gets his own menu. a district wherever guests sit is close to the middle of the craft, outside the "White House".

There ar separate quarters for guests, senior employees, US Secret Service, and security personnel, and therefore the journalism settled within the aft space of the most deck. The protocol states that one could wander aft of one's assigned seat, however not forward of it. Communications instrumentation and therefore the cockpit ar on the deck. There also are secure and non-secure voice, fax and information communications facilities. whereas the aircraft's bags capability is adequate to carry the belongings of the passengers, the supplying train of the President means the craft should fly preceded by Associate in Nursing aerial convoy of many wares suggests that of transport, that carry the helicopters, procession vehicles, and different instrumentation needed by the presidential gathering

Free Download Boeing VC-25A *Improvements* Mod for GTA San Andreas.

Free Download Boeing VC-25A *Improvements* Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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