Free Download F9F Cougar - Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina V2 Mod for GTA San Andreas

F9F Cougar - Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina V2

Free Download F9F Cougar - Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina V2 Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download F9F Cougar - Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina V2 Mod for GTA San Andreas.
The Argentine armed service Aviation (Spanish: Comando DE la Aviación armed service Argentina, COAN) is that the armed service aviation branch of South American nation Navy and one in all its four operational commands. Argentina, alongside Brazil, is one in all 2 South Yankee countries to possess operated 2 craft carriers

COAN's origin traces back to twenty-two Oct 1912 once a navy officer, Lt Melchor Escola, graduated as a pilot. On eleven Feb 1916, the armed service base of operations faculty Fuerte Barragan was created close to La Plata and also the day of this is often marked as armed service Aviation Day. In September 1917 3 armed service lieutenants were sent to the North American nation armed service base of operations Pensacola from wherever were deployed to Europe to participate in war I.[citation needed]

COAN was formally established on seventeen Oct 1919 because of the armed service Air Service. Over the subsequent years, the COAN operated a range of craft, in the main advanced trainer varieties foreign from the USA as well as the North Yankee AT-6, the Beechcraft AT-11, and also the Consolidated PBY Catalina. Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky S-51 helicopters joined the service shortly when the war in 1949.

The COAN received a sacrament by the fireplace on sixteen Gregorian calendar month 1955 once armed service airplanes, painted with catholic crosses and blessed by clergymen, participated within the bombing of Plaza DE salad dressing. 3 craft were shot down: one by associate Argentine Air Force Gloster Meteor in air-to-air combat and 2 others by anti-aircraft guns. A Grumman J2F was shot down over the city of Saavedra on eighteen September that year.

Free Download F9F Cougar - Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina V2 Mod for GTA San Andreas.

A great amendment came into impact once the Navy received its 1st flattop, ARA Independencia, in 1959. At the time, her craft inventory enclosed the F4U Corsair, SNJ-5Cs Texan and Grumman S2F-1 (S-2A) Trackers. The Navy conjointly had F9F Panther and F9F wildcat jets however the carrier wasn't appropriate for in operation them, though they were started the carrier throughout their delivery voyage from u.  s. to Argentina. The wildcat was the primary jet to interrupt the drag in Argentina. These jets would be concerned within the general mobilization throughout the 1965 border dispute between Argentina and Chile however no combat occurred.

The armed service coaching force received T-28 Trojans, T-34 Mentors and Aermacchi MB-326 jets which might be later bolstered with the foremost powerful variant MB-339.

More craft entered service throughout the Sixties, as well as the C-47 Dakota (which were extensively utilized in Antarctic continent as well as the primary national landing on the pole created in 1962 by Captain Hermes Quijada UN agency departed from Ellsworth Station[5]), Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky S-55 helicopters and shore-based craft P-2 Neptunes for maritime patrol duties.

In 1969 the Navy received her second carrier, ARA twenty-five DE salad dressing, from Holland. On her voyage home, the British company Hawker Siddeley incontestable its Harrier GR1, however, the Argentines opted for the A-4Q Skyhawk instead. additional helicopters were incorporated into the new carrier, the Alouette III and also the SH-3 buccaneer (the additional advanced S-2E hunter variant). consignment planes Fokker F-28 and L-188 mythical being changed for maritime patrol were conjointly extra.

The Nineteen Seventies surface fleet modernization arrange enclosed the acquisition of British destroyers with their complement of Westland ocean wildcat helicopters however their use would be tormented by the coming events.

In 1976, a clique took power in Argentina and initiated a state-sponsored campaign of violence called the offense. armed service aviators were accustomed agitated political prisoners (the "disappeared") into the watercourse Plate, within the ill-famed Death flights. In 1978, tension with Chile reached the very best purpose once South American nation ingroup initiated Operation Soberanía. The war was avoided at the instant by the intervention of Pope John Paul II. By 1982, so as to take care of power by amusing public attention from the nation's poor economic performance and exploiting the long-standing feelings of the Argentines towards the island (Spanish: Islas Malvinas), the ingroup ordered {an|Associate in Nursing|AN|associate DEgree|associate} invasion and triggered the ten-week-long Falklands War (Spanish: Guerra de las Malvinas).

Free Download F9F Cougar - Comando de Aviación Naval Argentina V2 Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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