Free Download GE ES44DC - BNSF Locomotive V2 Mod for GTA San Andreas

GE ES44DC - BNSF Locomotive V2

Free Download GE ES44DC - BNSF Locomotive V2 Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download GE ES44DC - BNSF Locomotive V2 Mod for GTA San Andreas.
The Evolution Series could be a line of road oppressor diesel locomotives engineered by GE Transportation Systems, ab initio designed to satisfy the U.S. EPA's Tier a pair of locomotive emissions standards that took impact in 2005. the primary pre-production units were inbuilt 2004. Evolution Series locomotives ar equipped with either AC or DC traction motors, reckoning on the customer's preference. All ar hopped-up by the GE GEVO engine.

The Evolution Series was named in a concert of the "10 Locomotives That modified Railroading" within the Gregorian calendar month 2009 issue of Trains Magazine. it absolutely was the sole locomotive introduced once 1972 to be enclosed therein list.

The ES44AC (Evolution Series, 4400 HP, AC traction) replaced the AC4400CW model within the General electrical catalog. These locomotives are ordered by each category I railroad in North America: Union Pacific Railroad (who refers to those locomotives because the C45ACCTE), BNSF Railway, CSX Transportation, port Southern Railway, Kansas town Southern Railway, Kansas town Southern First State North American nation, Ferromex, Canadian Pacific Railway, and Canadian National Railway. Even shortlines just like the Iowa interstate Railroad terminated up ordering fourteen ES44ACs in 2008 to handle Associate in Nursing expected traffic growth ensuing from new fermentation alcohol plants coming back on-line.[citation needed] Iowa interstate ordered 2 extra ES44ACs to be delivered in 2009.[citation needed] Iowa interstate once more ordered three extra GE ES44ACs once commercialism a pair of the railroad's EMD SD38-2s for the new fermentation alcohol plants.[citation needed]

Free Download GE ES44DC - BNSF Locomotive V2 Mod for GTA San Andreas.

CSX began receiving Associate in Nursing order of two hundred ES44ACs (referred to by CSX because of the ES44AH) in Dec 2007. The "H" in ES44AH stands for "heavy", that is in relevancy a mix of subsystems that turn out high levels of rubbing effort at low speeds. so as to be classified as Associate in Nursing "AH" by CSX, a locomotive needs to haven't solely Associate in Nursing increased  nominal weight (currently to 432,000 pounds or 196 tonnes), however conjointly (1) dirigible trucks, (2) TM3 adhesion management code, (3) code that extends to thirty three,000 pounds-force (150 kN) from thirty,000 pounds-force (130 kN) the most quantity of rubbing effort that every traction motor is allowable to provide, and (4) GE's Rail Cleaner, that directs hard-hitting air onto the rails ahead of the sand nozzles forward of shaft best.

The ES44C4 (Evolution Series, 4400 HP, AC traction, four hopped-up axles) was introduced in 2009. whereas like the ES44AC, the ES44C4 has 2 traction motors per truck, rather than the standard 3 like on the ES44AC. No ES44C4s with DC traction were engineered. the middle shaft of every truck is unpowered, giving Associate in Nursing A1A-A1A wheel arrangement. BNSF Railway is that the launch client for this model, ordering Associate in Nursing initial batch of twenty-five units numbered 6600-6624. As of 2015, BNSF Railway presently rosters over 900 ES44C4 units. The four200's and units 7921-7999 are certified as Tier 4 Credit units, whereas the others are Tier a pair of or Tier three. On Gregorian calendar month thirty, 2014, Florida East Coast Railway proclaimed that they'd obtain twenty-four ES44C4s, to be numbered 800-823, for significant haul service and intermodal traffic. All were delivered by the top of 2014, so as to beat the EPA's point in time on exhaust-emissions standards for new-built Tier three locomotives.

A unique feature of those units is that there's a variable traction system in their pc systems. one in every one of the variations between Associate in Nursing ES44AC Associate in Nursing an ES44C4 ar the air cylinders and linkages on the truck aspect frames of the ES44C4; these ar a part of the traction system. each time a variation in grade, traction, or wheel slip happens, the pc can alter the pressure in these cylinders to keep up decent adhesion, by varied the burden on the drive axles

The Evolution Series locomotives are visually like the AC4400CW, though little variations are evident. the foremost noticeable distinction is that the radiator section at the rear of the locomotive is larger to accommodate the GEVO's Air to air intercoolers. like the AC6000CW the radiators project on the far side the top of the hood, tho' to not a similar extent. The Evolution Series radiator doesn't protrude utterly over the rear deck, however, rather sits nearly flush with the rear of the engine hood. Also, not like previous GE locomotives, the grills beneath the radiator ar at 2 completely different angles. the rise in radiator size is because of the need for larger cooling capability within the locomotive so as to scale back emissions. the opposite major distinction between the Evolution Series and earlier models are the vents below the radiators, that ar larger than those on previous GE locomotives. additionally, most, if not all, Evolution Series units have air conditioners mounted below the cab on the conductor's aspect.

Free Download GE ES44DC - BNSF Locomotive V2 Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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