Free Download Mil MI-24D Mod for GTA San Andreas

Mil MI-24D

Free Download Mil MI-24D Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download Mil MI-24D Mod for GTA San Andreas.
During the first Nineteen Sixties, it became apparent to Soviet designer Mikhail Leont'yevich Mil that the trend towards an ever-increasing piece of land quality would lead to the creation of flying army unit fighting vehicles, that can be wont to perform each hearth support an army unit transport missions. the primary expression of this idea was a model disclosed in 1966 within the experimental search of the Ministry of Aircraft's works range 329, wherever Mil was head designer. The model selected V-24 has supported another project, the V-22 utility whirlybird, that itself ne'er flew. The V-24 had a central army unit compartment that might hold eight troops sitting back to back, and a group of tiny wings positioned to the highest rear of the traveler cabin, capable of holding up to 6 missiles or rockets and a twin-barreled GSh-23L cannon mounted to the landing skid.Mil planned the look to the heads of the Soviet military. whereas he had the support of a variety of strategists, he was opposed by many a lot of senior members of the military, United Nations agency believed that typical weapons were a more robust use of resources. Despite the opposition, Mil managed to steer the defense minister's 1st deputy, Marshal Andrey A. Grechko, to convene associate degree skilled panel to appear into the matter. whereas the panel's opinions were mixed, supporters of the project eventually control sway and letter of invitation for style proposals for a piece of land support whirlybird were issued. the event and use of gunships and attack whirlybirds by the United States Army throughout the war convinced the Soviets of the benefits of armed helicopter ground support and fostered support for the event of the Mi-24.

Mil engineers ready 2 basic styles: a 7-ton single-engine design and a ten.5-ton twin-engine style, each supported the one,700 HP Izotov TV3-177A turboshaft. Later, 3 complete mock-ups were made, together with 5 cockpit mock-ups to permit the pilot and weapon station operator positions to be fine-tuned.

Free Download Mil MI-24D Mod for GTA San Andreas.

The Kamov style bureau urged a military version of their Ka-25 ASW whirlybird as an inexpensive possibility. This was thought-about however later born in favor of the new Mil twin-engine style. variety of changes were created at the insistence of the military, as well as the replacement of the twenty-three-millimeter cannon with a rapid-fire significant machine gun mounted in a very chin turret, and therefore the use of the 9K114 Shturm (AT-6 Spiral) anti-tank missile.

A directive was issued on half a dozen might 1968 to proceed with the event of the twin-engine style. Work proceeded underneath Mil till his death in 1970. elaborated style work began in August 1968 underneath the codename Yellow twenty-four. A complete model of the look was reviewed and approved in February 1969. Flight tests with a model began on fifteen Gregorian calendar month 1969 with a bound hover, and 4 days later the primary free flight was conducted. A second model was designed, followed by a take a look at a batch of 10 helicopters.

Acceptance testing for the look began in June 1970, continued for eighteen months. Changes created within the style addressed structural strength, fatigue issues, and reduced vibration levels. Also, a 12-degree anhedral was introduced to the wings to deal with the aircraft's tendency to Dutch roll at speeds in far more than two hundred km/h (124 mph), and therefore the Falanga missile pylons were touched from the body to the wingtips. The rotor was touched from the proper to the left aspect of the tail, and therefore the rotation direction reversed. The rotor currently turned au fait the aspect towards the front of the craft, into the downwash of the rotor, that accumulated the potency of the rotor. variety of alternative style changes were created till the assembly version Mi-24A (izdeliye 245) entered production in 1970, getting its initial capability in 1971 and was formally accepted into the state arsenal in 1972.

In 1972, following completion of the Mi-24, development began on a novel attack whirlybird with transport capability. The new style had a reduced transport capability (three troops rather than eight) and was known as the Mi-28, which of the Ka-50 attack whirlybird, that is smaller and a lot of maneuverable and doesn't have the massive cabin for carrying troops. In Gregorian calendar month 2007, the Russian Air Force declared it might replace its Mi-24 fleet with Mi-28Ns and Ka-52s by 2015

Free Download Mil MI-24D Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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