Free Download Union Pacific 8500 HP Gas Turbine Electric Locomotive Mod for GTA San Andreas

Union Pacific 8500 HP Gas Turbine Electric Locomotive

Free Download Union Pacific 8500 HP Gas Turbine Electric Locomotive Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download Union Pacific 8500 HP Gas Turbine Electric Locomotive Mod for GTA San Andreas.
The example, UP 50, was the primary in a very series designed by General electrical for Union Pacific's long-haul product services and marketed by the Alco-GE partnership till 1953. The example was introduced in 1948 and was followed by 3 series of production locomotives. At one purpose, Union Pacific same the GTELs hauled over 100 percent of the railroad's freight.[citation needed]

Fuel economy was poor, for the rotary engine consumed roughly double the maximum amount of fuel as Associate in Nursing equally powerful ICE. This was at first not a retardant, as a result of Union Pacific's turbines burned Bunker C serious oil that was more cost-effective than diesel. however, this extremely viscous fuel is tough to handle, with a room-temperature consistency just like tar or syrup. to unravel this drawback, a heater was designed into the fuel tanks (and later into fuel tenders) to heat the fuel to two hundred °F (93 °C) before feeding it into the rotary engine. Eventually UP switched from Bunker C to changed No. half-dozen serious oil, that contained fewer pollutants and solvents.[citation needed] Soot buildup and blade erosion caused by corrosive ash overrun all of the turbines. Changes to the air intake systems on the assembly rotary engine locomotives improved the standard of the air that reached the turbines, that successively reduced the wear and tear to the rotary engine blades and hyperbolic the turbine's running life. The GTELs were operated into late 1969 and also the final 2 (numbers eighteen and 26) held on at the Cheyenne roundhouse in operational condition till being retired in Gregorian calendar month 1970.[citation needed] each of those units were later sent to museums.

Union Pacific had long wanted the largest and best locomotives. within the Thirties, a try of turbine locomotives was tried however rejected. Before warfare II, Union Pacific had been adding diesel to its roll, however none force road freight trains. the thought of victimization four styles of diesel to equal the ability of a locomotive engine was unappealing, that the search began for one thing larger. General electrical had been building gas turbines for craft and planned victimization one thing similar on a locomotive. Union Pacific thought maintenance prices for a locomotive were mostly freelance of its power, therefore, a smaller range of a lot of powerful locomotives would save cash.

Free Download Union Pacific 8500 HP Gas Turbine Electric Locomotive Mod for GTA San Andreas.

Union Pacific set the most effective manner for the rotary engine locomotives to appreciate their potential would be to place them on injecting freight trains. The long runs and comparatively high speeds would maximize the turbines' potency.

After Union Pacific expressed interest, GE designed an example, GE 101, completed in November 1948. when tests within the Northeast throughout June 1949, it absolutely was renumbered UP fifty. Painted in Union Pacific Armour Yellow, UP fifty began a spherical of tests. Union Pacific ne'er took possession of this locomotive, however. This was one in all the few combustion locomotives in North America that had a cab at every finish. The cabs themselves resembled the solfa syllable units being designed by Alco-GE at that point. the perimeters of the locomotive had varied air intake louvers that might be opened and enclosed variable patterns.

For the beginning, the unit's auxiliary diesel generator would power a collection of windings within the gas turbine's main generator, inflicting the generator to rotate. The generator's rotation would begin to spin up the rotary engine, at that purpose diesel oil would be accustomed to begin combustion. A steam generator would heat and liquefy the turbine's primary fuel offer (heavy Bunker C oil). once the rotary engine and oil reached their minimum operational temperatures, the fuel to the rotary engine would be switched from diesel to the first fuel.

The last run of a turbine locomotive befell on Gregorian calendar month twenty-six, 1969.  Trucks, traction motors and span bolsters from locomotives fifty one to seventy-five were employed in the development of the U50, and trucks and traction motors from locomotives within the one to thirty series were employed in the development of the U50C. many of the tenders were preserved and born-again to carry water for maintenance of manner functions and later to be used for Union Pacific's operational steam locomotives: UP 844, UP 3985 and UP 4014.

The example, first-generation and second-generation turbines were all scrapped. 2 third-generation turbines, however, were preserved: UP twenty-six at the Utah State Railroad deposit in Ogden, Utah, and UP eighteen at the Illinois Railway deposit. UP 18's tender UP 907853, inbuilt 1937, had a protracted history; initially designed to be used with UP's FEF series steam locomotives before conversion to rotary engine use, it served as a water tender from the Nineteen Seventies to 1984 for trains like the exhibition '74 and also the Yankee Freedom Train before being given to the Kansas Railroad deposit, so nonheritable by the IRM. Neither of the turbines is reported  to be in operable condition, nor area unit planned to be repaired

Free Download Union Pacific 8500 HP Gas Turbine Electric Locomotive Mod for GTA San Andreas.

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