Free Download Colossus Aircraft Carrier Mod for GTA San Andreas

Colossus Aircraft Carrier

Free Download Colossus Aircraft Carrier Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

 Free Download Colossus Aircraft Carrier Mod for GTA San Andreas.
The 1942 style lightweight Fleet Carrier, usually said because the British lightweight Fleet Carrier was a light-weight flattop style created by the Royal Navy throughout the Second war and utilized by eight military services between 1944 and 2001. They were designed to associate degreed created by civilian shipyards to function an intermediate step between the big-ticket, lifesize fleet craft carriers and also the less costly however limited-capability escort carriers.  Sixteen lightweight Fleet carriers were ordered, and everyone was set right down to the Colossus category style throughout 1942 and 1943. However, solely eight were completed to the current design; of those, four entered service before the top of the war, and none saw front operations. 2 a lot of were fitted with maintenance and repair facilities rather than craft catapults and sensational gear and entered service as craft maintenance carriers. the ultimate six were changed throughout construction to handle larger and quicker craft and were redesignated the Majestic category. the development of the six ships was suspended at the top of the war. 5 were eventually completed with the last authorization in 1961; but, the sixth, Leviathan, was destroyed for spare elements and scrap.

Although not completed in time to fight within the war, the carriers in Royal Navy service participated within the war and also the metropolis Crisis. throughout the latter, 2 Colossus-class ships performed the primary ship-based chopper assault in history. Four Colossuses and everyone 5 completed Majestics were loaned or oversubscribed to seven foreign nations – Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, and also the Netherlands – with 3 ships serving in 3 completely different military service throughout their careers. Foreign-operated lightweight Fleets took half within the war, the primary Indochinese peninsula War, the war, the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War, and also the Falklands War.

Despite being meant as 'disposable warships', all of the finished lightweight Fleet carriers exceeded their planned three-year service life. the upkeep carriers were the primary to be paid off within the Nineteen Fifties, and by the Sixties, all of the Royal Navy carriers, (bar Triumph, that was later recommissioned as a repair ship) had been oversubscribed to different nations or for ship breaking. The carriers in different navies had longer service lives. At the time of her decommissioning in 2001, Minas Gerais was the oldest active flattop within the world. Despite makes an attempt to preserve many of those carriers as deposit ships, the last extant example, Vikrant, was oversubscribed for scrapping in 2014.

Experiences throughout the first a part of the Second war had incontestable to a people that the Royal Navy required access to defensive protection for Allied fleets and convoys, that might solely be provided by a lot of craft carriers. In mid-1941, the Director of service Construction was tutored to research however best to attain this while not the prolonged construction times usually related to carriers. the choices were to refit the extant Hawkins-class cruisers with flight decks and aviation facilities, convert further conveyance and rider liners into vessels kind of like however a lot of capable than previous merchandiser craft carriers, or produce a brand new style for an inexpensive, gently armed, and unarmoured ship kind of like the man of affairs carriers. In December 1941, it had been set that a brand new style was the simplest possibility.

This ship was formed as associate degree intermediate step between the big-ticket fleet carriers and also the limited-capability escort carriers. the look had to be as straightforward as attainable therefore construction time was unbroken to a minimum then a lot of shipyards (particularly those with no service construction experience) may be used. However, the ships had to be capable of an operative in fleet actions. Originally selected the 'Intermediate craft Carrier', the ships were reclassified as 'Light Fleet Carriers'. as a result of service, style employees was overworked, the carrier was primarily designed by shipbuilders at Vickers-Armstrong.

The Light Fleet style, completed at the beginning of 1942, was effectively a scaled-down Illustrious. every carrier would displace thirteen,190 tons at normal load and eighteen,040 tons at full load, have a length of 680 feet (210 m) at the landing deck and 695 feet (212 m) overall, the most beam of eighty feet (24 m), and a draught of eighteen feet half dozen inches (5.64 m) at normal displacement, and twenty three feet half dozen inches (7.16 m) at full load displacement. The hull was engineered to Lloyd's specifications for merchant's vessels from keel to deck, however, incorporated higher subdivision of compartments to scale back secondary harm by flooding.

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