Free Download ROS Weapons PACK 2 AKM Mod for GTA San Andreas

ROS Weapons PACK 2 AKM

Free Download ROS Weapons PACK 2 AKM Mod for GTA San Andreas.
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download ROS Weapons PACK 2 AKM Mod for GTA San Andreas.
The AKM (Russian: модернизи́рованный Автома́т Кала́шникова, tr. modernizírovanny Avtomát Kaláshnikova, lit. progressive Kalashnikov Automatic Rifle) may be a seven.62mm machine rifle designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. it's a standard progressive variant of the AK-47 rifle developed within the Forties.

Introduced into service with the Soviet Army in 1959, the AKM is that the most present variant of the complete AK series of firearms and it's found widespread use with most member states of the previous Warszawa written agreement and its African and Asian allies moreover as being wide exported and created in several different countries. the assembly of those rifles was administrated at each the Tula Arms Plant and Izhmash. it absolutely was formally replaced in Soviet frontline service by the AK-74 within the late Seventies, however, remains in use worldwide.

The forward barrel trunnion encompasses a non-threaded socket for the barrel and a thwartwise hole for a pin that secures the barrel in situ. On some models the rear trunnion has 2 extended mounting arms on each side that support the buttstock; different mounted models use a stepped formed trunnion that covers the complete breadth of the within of the receiver.

The AKM’s barrel is put in within the forward trunnion and fastened (as against the AK-47, that encompasses a one-piece receiver with integral trunnions and a barrel that's screwed-in). in addition the barrel has horizontal guide slots that facilitate align and secure the handguards in situ. to extend the weapon’s accuracy throughout automatic fireplace, the AKM was fitted with a slant cut muzzle brake that helps send increasing propellant gases upward and to the proper throughout firing, that mitigates the increase of the muzzle throughout associate degree automatic burst once command by a right-handed firer. The muzzle brake is a rib on to the top of the barrel with a left-hand thread. Not all AKMs had slant muzzle brakes; some were additionally fitted with the older muzzle nut that came from the AK-47. Most AKMs with muzzle barmy were older production weapons. The AKM's slant brake also can be used on the AK-47, that had a straightforward nut to hide the threads.

The buttstock, lower handguard, and higher heat guard square measure factory-made from birch plyboard laminates just like the later model AK-47 furnishings. Such designed woods square measure stronger and resist warp higher than the traditional one-piece patterns, don't need protracted maturing, and square measure cheaper. The wood buttstock utilized in the AKM is any hollow so as to cut back weight and is longer and straighter than that of the AK-47, that assists accuracy for sequent shots throughout speedy and automatic fireplace. The wood stock additionally homes the issued cleansing kit, that may be a tiny diameter metal tube with a twist lock cap. The kit commonly contains the cleansing jag to that a chunk of fabric material is wrapped around and swayback into a cleansing answer. It additionally contains a pin punch, associate degree assembly pin to carry the trigger, disconnector, and rate reducer along whereas putt these into the receiver when cleansing the weapon, and a barrel brush. The kit is secured within the buttstock via an elastic device door within the stock's ironed sheet butt cap.

The AKM’s notched rear tangent iron sight is label in one hundred m (109 yds) increments from one hundred to one,000 m (109 to one,094 yd) and compared with the AK-47 the leaf’s position teeth that secure the slippery  adjustable notch were transferred over from the proper to the left fringe of the ramp. The front sight may be a post adjustable for elevation within the field and encompasses a slightly totally different form and its bottom portion is additional slim compared with the AK-47. Horizontal adjustment needs a special drift tool associate degreed is finished by the armory before issue or if the requirement arises by an armorer when issue. The sight line parts square measure around forty eight.5 mm (1.9 in) over the bore axis. The "point-blank range" battle zero setting "П" on the seven.62×39mm AKM rear tangent sight part corresponds to a three hundred m (328 yds) zero. For the AKM combined with service cartridges the three hundred m battle zero setting limits the apparent "bullet rise" among around −5 to +31 cm (−2.0 to 12.2 in) relative to the road of sight. troopers square measure taught to the fireplace at any target among this varies by merely inserting the sights on the middle of mass (the buckle, in line with Russian and former Soviet doctrine) of the enemy target. Any errors in vary estimation square measure tactically digressive, as a well-aimed shot can hit the body of the enemy soldier

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