Free Download USA Flag paintjob skin for Hydra Hunter and Rustler Mod for GTA San Andreas

USA Flag paint job skin for Hydra Hunter and Rustler

Free Download USA Flag paint job skin for Hydra Hunter and Rustler Mod for GTA San Andreas
Note: this mod only for PC

Free Download USA Flag paint job skin for Hydra Hunter and Rustler Mod for GTA San Andreas
The Aérospatiale SA 330 cougar could be a four-bladed, twin-engined medium transport/utility heavier-than-air craft. The cougar was originally engineered by Sud Aviation of France and continued to be created by Aérospatiale. it had been additionally license-built in Balkan country because the IAR 330; 2 advanced, unauthorized derivatives, the Denel Rooivalk, and Atlas pasang, were created in South Africa. The cougar was a billboard success and was quickly developed into a lot of advanced models like the AS332 Super cougar and AS532 Felis concolor, factory-made by Eurocopter since the first Nineties. These descendants of the cougar stay in production within the twenty-first century. The cougar has seen combat in a very vary of theatres by a variety of various operators; vital operations embrace the Gulf War, the South African Border War, the Portuguese Colonial War, the Yugoslav Wars, the Lebanese war, the Republic of Iraq War, and therefore the Falklands War. the kind additionally saw fashionable use within the civilian field and has been operated by a variety of civil operators. The SA 330 cougar was originally developed by Sud Aviation to fulfill a demand of the French Army for a medium-sized unrestricted heavier-than-air craft capable of carrying up to twenty troopers yet as varied cargo-carrying duties. the selection was created to develop a very new style for the heavier-than-air craft, work began in 1963 with backing from the French government. the primary of 2 cougar prototypes flew on fifteen Apr 1965; six more pre-production models were additionally engineered, the last of that flew on thirty Gregorian calendar month 1968. the primary production SA 330 cougar flew in Sept 1968, with deliveries to the French Army beginning in early 1969.

A combine of roof-mounted Turbomeca Turmo turboshaft engines powers the Puma's four-blade rotor. The helicopter's rotors square measure driven at a speed of roughly 265 revolutions per minute via a 5 reduction stage transmission. the planning of the transmission featured many distinctive and uncommon innovations for the time, like single-part producing of the axis and also the anti-vibration measures integrated into the most gear case and rotor blades. The mountain lion conjointly featured associate automatic blade examination system, that guarded against and alerted crews to fatigue cracking within the rotor blades. There square measure 2 hydraulic systems on board, these operate entirely freelance of 1 another, one system powers solely the aircraft's flight controls whereas the opposite serves the autopilot, framing, rotor brake, and also the flight controls.

In flight, the mountain lion was designed to be capable of high speeds, exhibit nice mobility, associated have smart hot-and-high performance; the engines have an on purpose high level of reserve power to alter a mountain lion to effectively fly at most weight with only 1 functioning engine and proceed with its mission if circumstances need. The cockpit has standard twin controls for a pilot and pilot, a 3rd seat is provided within the cockpit for a reserve crewman or commander. The mountain lion options associate SFIM-Newmark sort 127 electro-hydraulic autopilot; the autopilot is capable of roll and pitch stabilization, the load hook operator may enter corrective changes of the helicopter's position from his station through the autopilot

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